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What is Store Partner Program ?

BoostMyWedding Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company in Odisha from 2018 and it has 3000+ marketing partner all over India. BoostMyWedding launched the Store Partner Program for any Store or Individual to advertise the company through their store and put the company light board in their store front and get monthly Rs 5000 as Advertisement Rent monthly for 10 years.

What a Store Partner Will Get ?

Get Monthly Promotion Rent Rs 5000 for 10 years.
Get 20% to 50% partnership share on business.
Get Free Rs 50 to Rs 100 on each verified free profile.
Unlimited Business income opportunity per month.
Get Franchise KIT From Company.

What a Store Need to Do ?

Need to buy BMW Coupons of Rs 6Lakhs in just Rs 3Lakhs.
No franchise renewal, it is a life time franchise.
Put the light board at store or home front wall.
Promote company with in your customers.
Provide Leaflet to customers.

What Company Help For Business ?

Company will do TV and media marketing.
Company will do Social Media marketing.
Coupons will be sold out in 5 years or company will buy it.
Intime get Advertisement Rent Rs 5000.
Provide Store Partner rewards and offers.
Provide 24X7 Support to Store Partner.
Provide training to Store Partner.
Store Reference Bonus Monthy.

What is Franchise Reward or Offer ?

Based on business get offers from company.
Provide 1 Store Partner and get Rs 500 monthky.
On Free Profiles get upto Rs 100.
On extra business get Rs 30% or more.

What is Long Terms Profit ?

If a Store Partner be with company for 5 years and visible in our Google map as BMW Store will get Rs 3 Lakhs plus as Bonus in their account. Store Partner also get profit in our E-commerce orders.

Different Store Partner Programs

Per Zip / PIN code only maximum 2 Store Partner Program

Store Partner Program

Will buy 600 Coupons
Monthly Promotion Rent Get Rs 5000.
Get Partnership share from Business 30%.
Get as Offer Rs 50 + on free verified profiles.
5years Bonus 3Lakhs.
If coupons not sold company buy it back.
Provide tab and training..

Our Contact Details

Phone Number1 : +91 9937099101
Phone Number2 : +91 7749815429
Email Id : [email protected]

Address : 534 Esplanade One,
Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

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